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its weird how it worked out but it appears as if Alston is headed to the HEAT and Chris Quinn is going to the nets

In this edition of the NBA PM: Rafer Alston and Chris Quinn effectively traded for each other…Jazz CEO speaks on commitment…A busy day of transactions…HOOPSWORLD Chats.

Alston Hits Free Agency: The New Jersey Nets and Miami HEAT agreed to a trade today and point guard Rafer Alston appears to be headed to South Beach – but not as part of the trade.

First things first: Alston and the Nets have agreed to a buyout and he will be placed on waivers. Once he clears waivers the number one candidate – by far – for his services seems to be the HEAT. Mario Chalmers was supposed to be the starting point guard this season, a job Carlos Arroyo landed a few weeks ago. The team has been less than thrilled about Chalmer's second season. Not only has he not taken that next step in his development – like teammate Michael Beasley – but his numbers are down across the board. Assuming Alston officially hits waivers sometime today, the HEAT can sign him on the 10th or 11th. If (read: when) they do, it will likely be to a minimum contract pro-rated for the rest of the season.

Alston was due $5.25 million for the 2009-10 season.

Now, the second part of the move: The Nets have agreed to take point guard Chris Quinn from the HEAT, cash (likely enough to cover the rest of Quinn's $1.1 million contract for the season - $600k or so), and a 2012 second-round pick while sending only a heavily protected 2010 second-round pick back to Miami. The Nets have a couple Traded Player Exceptions they could use to absorb Quinn's contract in the trade ($1.3 million from sending Ryan Anderson to Orlando and $3.8 million from sending Vince Carter to Orlando).

Whew! Busy day for those Nets.

Effectively what happened here is the Nets and HEAT swapped point guards with the Nets picking up an extra draft pick in the process. The HEAT will save on luxury tax this year and the Nets don't have to pay Quinn out of their own pocket – meaning they can keep him or waive him, doesn't really matter. With injuries being a problem to them and really no one else to effectively handle the PG position when Devin Harris takes a breather, they'll probably keep him.

It also means the HEAT will be short-handed at the PG spot for the next couple games – tomorrow hosting the Boston Celtics and Friday in Phoenix (the first game of a six-game road trip).

It won't be the first time around in Miami for Alston, who also played for the HEAT during the 2003-04 season.

Jazz Committed to

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I like alston more then

I like alston more then chalmers or arroyo, but he is still not a long term answer. I wonder where birdzilla is right now after claiming this summer that chalmers was gonna be as good as chris paul.

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lol i see absolutely nothing

lol i see absolutely nothing in chamlers that makes him even half of chris paul. Chris Paul defines the words Leader and PointGuard. but i agree that Alston is definitely not a long term answer at the point for the heat

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Chalmers as good as Paul wow

Chalmers as good as Paul wow that kid is way off on his comparison.

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Chamlers as good as duhon =]

Chalmers as good as duhon =]

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