Michael Redd Wants Out

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Michael Redd Wants Out

“I do feel like I have to figure out where I fit with this team now,” Redd tells HOOPSWORLD. “My thing is, I want to win. I want to win regardless of anything else. I want to win, to play on a contender, and I feel like we had our chance earlier in the season when we went 8-3, but we’ve slipped since then. We’ve got to get back to where we were at the beginning of the season and keep fighting.”

oh and....why are there some many Knick-related topics? its extremely annoying...

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agree about the knick/lebron

agree about the knick/lebron articles getting over done. As for redd wanting out, I'm sure milwaukee would love to trade him and his like 18 mill a year contract. If anyone should be loyal to their team it is redd. Milwaukee gave him a chance and made him the franchise piece and paid him like a superstar. Now he is playing sub par and the team is sub par and he wants out? I'm guessing the feeling is mutual.

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He wants to win, but does he

He wants to win, but does he want to win enough to opt out of $18.3 million after this season. If so, the Bucks will have bucket loads of cap room. I'm not sure what that means as I don't figure Minnesota to do much with their cap room, but it is much better than the position they were in last summer where they were giving guys away.

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yeah i agree with the knicks

yeah i agree with the knicks thing too. talking about the knicks this year is pretty boring. it weill be alot more fun come summer time so lets wait till then to talk about them. im not sure if redd will be going anywhere because of his contract and how the injury has limited what he can do on the court. theres no way hes opting out of that contract. do players ever opt out if they cant get close to that money in the open market

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the bucks were stupid in the first place to pay redd susperstar money. he was never a franchise player from the get go. he just was lucky to be on few bad bucks teams and manage to be the first option. also he doesnt do anything else that is worth what hes getting paid for.besides shooting. and

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I like Redd

But they overpaid, he is not a first option guy IMO, and they will have a hard time getting someone to take that contract on.

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