Skip!!! back to the heat!

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Skip!!! back to the heat!

Rafer Alston going back to the Heat... Skip is a pretty descent starter in this league.
Does this help Miami? Thoughts...?

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i'm not sure of how to

i'm not sure of how to respond to this. Mario Chalmers (imo) is the best point on that team but he isn't getting all his minutes because of arroyo. if you add skip to the mix you will have a odd man out. i also saw on realgm that cleveland is interested but they have a bigger log jam on the perimeter. I'm not sure as to where he should go but if i was him i would GO TO LA.

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why the hell are the heat getting

these and 1 pgs. chalmers should be starting and get most of the mintues. the heat need to add a solid backup behind chalmers like a luke ridhour , ronnie price, maybe even trade for andre miller and start him.

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