Do you think Paul or Dwill will be traded?

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Do you think Paul or Dwill will be traded?

Both their teams are far away from championships, do you think either of these teams will try to rebuild and trade them....I cant see it happening because they are both young and insanely talented but I think Paul has somehwat of a chance because of the horrible financial situation in NOH...I think Williams will be a Jazz for life...Any thoughts on if they could get traded and where

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How does trading a 24-year

How does trading a 24-year old Chris Paul or 25-year old Deron Williams get the Hornets or Jazz closer to a title? How does dealing Chris Paul help New Orleans financially? With Chris Paul, they play in front of 15,00 at 85% capacity. Without him, they are playing with only family and friends in the stands and moving to Newark, Anaheim, or Las Vegas within five years. The league doesn't allow teams to just ship truck loads of cash to teams in trades. They can't work the huge transfer fees like in soccer. As for the Jazz, they made a mistake extending Okur and matching Milsapp (not enough D up front with Okur, Boozer, and Milsapp) but it makes no sense to move their best player to cover for their mistakes.

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they would be dumb to do so

These 2 pg's are 2 of the best in the league. No way either team should trade them. they should build sround the 2 of them

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why would utah trade

why would utah trade dwill?..they arent a title team but they are very good and going in the right direction. in a playoff format they have a chance to beat any team out side of the lakers....this post makes no sense. same thing with paul except the team isnt as good. and why is the situation so horrible in n.o?..isnt the team at .500?

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yea its ridiuculous. These

yea its ridiuculous. These are guys you build around. The teams just aren't in good financial situations to improve their teams. For ex. Imagine D Will or CP3 on the Nets instead of devin Harris. They have young players and money to spend. If they pick up any free agent in 2010 they are instant title contenders. That is how good these guys are. Their teams just have to stay competitive until they have money to pick up another great player. New Orleans best player after Paul is David West. He is at 17ppg and 7rpg(slightly better than the stats of 20 year old Michael beasley). The Jazz have Carlos Boozer who is real good and that is why they are more competitive than the Hornets but still nowhere close to championship level. The point is keep Dwill and CP3 happy, get in a better cap situation in the next 2 years, and get better players around them. Because in 2 years Dwill will be 27 and CP3 will be 26 and both will have 7 to 8 more years of dominance at that point in their careers.

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