Georgia Tech vs Charlotte

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Georgia Tech vs Charlotte

jut finished watching a replay of this game and gani was a straight monster..not sure exactly how much he had because the computer acted up with 4min left but he was killing. some kid named green was also doing work. favors looked pretty bad. i think he might have had 4 points. matter of fact it was pretty much the gani show

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Yeah Lawal dominated. He

Yeah Lawal dominated. He shot 17/20 from the FT line. It is amazing how much better he has gotten the beginning of last year he looked like Shaq at the line. Favors had 6 points and 7 rebounds (2 sick dunks...first was amazing..think it was #3 on SC). He got into a little bit of foul trouble and only took 5 shots. Definitely don't think he will put up superstar stats any more but will put up decent guess 14 10 and 2. Think he is averaging like 12.4 8.8 and 2.2 right now.

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