if playoffs started today

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if playoffs started today


1) Cleveland
8) Charlotte

4) Atlanta
5) Miami

3) Orlando
6) Toronto

2) Boston
7) Chicago...yes this matchup again haha


1) LA Lakers
8) Oklahoma City

4) San Antonio
5) Denver

3) Portland
6) Phoenix

2) Dallas
7) Houston

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That Cavs vs Bobcats series

That Cavs vs Bobcats series would be great to watch, the Bobcats would get at least two wins.

Personal favorite would be Lakers vs Thunder (Kobe vs Kevin) would be epic.

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boston would sweep chicago

boston would sweep chicago if they are healthy

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orlando toronto would be fun

orlando toronto would be fun because dwight would average like 8 blocks a game.

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Toronto and Orlando would be

Toronto and Orlando would be an entertaining matchup. Turk vs his old team. Carter vs his former team. I also think the Bosh vs Howard matchup would be interesting. Bosh usually plays well against Howard.

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