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this is basically continued from another site because the topic on there was knicks and suns but started to swing towards knicks future. before looking deeper into it i was thinking the knicks had a pretty good chance of signing lebron and having a pretty good team because of learning about the bird rights.. under further review i noticed its not as simple as i once thought

The collective bargaining agreement typically disallows teams from signing outside free agents prior to signing their own if it would bring them over the cap to do so. In order to sign the outside free agent under such a scenario, the team must first “renounce” their own player. Until they do, he stays on their cap, in what is called a “cap hold”, and the team is prevented from using his salary on another player, even though he is now a free agent. Once that player is renounced, his team loses his “Bird rights”, but will then have free space to sign an outside player. For example, when the Magic wanted to give Rashard Lewis a max deal, they couldn’t without first renouncing Darko Milicic and the $15 million cap hold associated with his roughly $5 million salary. At that point the Magic had max money available for Lewis, though they could no longer go over the cap to bring back Milicic. See also Bobby Simmons and Michael Redd.

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that one game we won last

that one game we won last year it was chandler playing d against him. And real knick fans know that chandler has been much better than harrington, people who look at averages think harington has been better.

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