Scottie Ryenolds

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Scottie Ryenolds

He is a very savy and crafty little guard.. his shot against marquette was reminiscent of the shot last year against pitt to put nova in the final 4. He is not the quickest or most athletic guy but he can get a shot off anywhere on the floor because of his handle, jump stop moves and pump/head fakes that throw a defense off. I dont know who i would compare him to in the league but i think he should be drafted by a team in the 2nd round. He has had a fantastic career at nova and in a tough big east conference, what does everyone think?

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i agree 100%...he's a winner

i agree 100%...he's a winner and has gotten better every year. his game doesnt translate to the NBA like john wall's does but he's a senior and he reminds me of a little less athletic version of jordan farmar...but he's a proven winner and i like how he plays-toughness and a very efficient scorer

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His game isn't going to

His game isn't going to translate to the NBA, he could make nice money oversea's tho.

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i think he's a taller Will Bynum

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