Cable could be done in this week

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Cable could be done in this week

can someone post this from espn nfl insiders.

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the raiders won like 6 games

the raiders won like 6 games this year and showed improvement. I would rather al davis be done in this week. The raiders need to give up on jamarcus awful. See if he's willing to renogtiate for like 2 mill a year to be the backup. If not, then cut him. The rest of the team has talent, but you can't win consistently in the nfl without a qb who will at least give you a chance. Asmougha is arguably the best db in the league. The kicking game with lechler and janikowski is one of the best in the game. The skill players on offense have talent.

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^ I agree with llperez.  Al
^ I agree with llperez.  Al Davis & Jamarcus Russell are exactly what is wrong with the Raiders.  Get rid of those two & things will change for the better rather quickly.  
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