Best Shooter(s) in College Basketball?

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Best Shooter(s) in College Basketball?

There are some pretty incredible players in College Basketball, but I just wanna know who everyone thinks is the best Shooter?
Rotnei Clark is an absolutely incredible shooter, however, i do not think he is the best shooter.
I happen to be biased, so I am going to say Brad Redford from Xavier University.
I have been going to Xavier games for the last 8 years or so and I can honestly say that I have never seen a better shooter in my life than Brad Redford. For those of you who do not know of him, you can search him on youtube and watch him in high school, because it is the most incredible thing ever. He may be a little 6 foot white kid who cannot do anything but shoot, he has one of the quickest releases in college basketball and he is able to shoot from well beyond NBA range.
He had an off game against Wake Forest yesterday, but expect him to bounce back because he is unbelievable and he is a crowd favorite among all Xavier fans.
Again I am biased toward my pick but he is rated the number 2 shooter in all of college basketball according to fox sports.
Who does everyone else like as the best shooter in college basketball?

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Corey Allmond (Sam Houston

Corey Allmond (Sam Houston St.) is the best shooter I have seen all year.  He put on a show against Kentucky.  He has a pretty quick release.  He can shoot pulling up on a fast break or as a spot up shooter, coming off screens, he can do it all.

Isaac Sosa for UCF is an underrated player.  He is a good shooter too. 

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Well if we're being bias

I'm up in Minnesota and I'm going with our jr shooting gaurd Blake Hoffarber. Lately he's been shooting the lights out. Pure shot.

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Jimmer Frendette is a nice shooter.. hell of a player as well

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what about klay thompson?

what about klay thompson? lights out from beyond the arc

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Jacob Pullen.

Jacob Pullen.

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I agree. Klay has been a

I agree. Klay has been a pure scorer for WSU. Fantastic shooter

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Diebler from Ohio State is a

Diebler from Ohio State is a pretty good shooter

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Andy Rautins is right up there, he is very streaky tho, but when hes hot hes right up with the best shooters in the country.

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I would go Jacob Pullen as

I would go Jacob Pullen as well 44% from 3 is nuts and scoring almost 20 a game.

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Xavier Henry has a nice

Xavier Henry has a nice outside stroke.

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