all nba teams

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all nba teams

i know the all nba teams consists of 5 players but these would be the ultimate rosters...this is for this year not in general hence the missing of yao ming and tracy mcgrady:

PG-Chris Paul
PG-Steve Nash
PG-Deron Williams
SG-Kobe Bryant
SG-Dwyane Wade
SF-Kevin Durant
SF-Carmelo Anthony
SF-LeBron James
PF-Chris Bosh
PF-Dirk Nowitzki
C-Pau Gasol
C-Dwight Howard

2nd team

PG-Derrick Rose
PG-Rajon Rondo
SG-Monta Ellis
SG-Brandon Roy
SG-Joe Johnson
SF-Andre Iguodala
SF-Danny Granger
SF-Paul Pierce
PF-Amare Stoudemire
PF-Kevin Garnett
F/C-Tim Duncan
C-Brook Lopez

3rd team
PG-Gilbert Arenas
PG-Tyreke Evans
PG-Brandon Jennings
SG-Ray Allen
SG-Vince Carter
SF-Rudy Gay
SF-Gerald Wallace
PF-Antawn Jamison
PF-Zach Randolph
PF-Carlos Boozer
C-Andrew Bynum
C-Chris Kaman

im almost certain there are gonna be some peole that feel i messed up somewhere! let me have it!

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If this is for this year

If this is for this year then why is Derrick Rose on the 2nd team?
I get it if you mean for the future, but Rose hasnt been the 4th best pg this year ..

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