Wizards Trying To Trade For T-Mac

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Wizards Trying To Trade For T-Mac

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports posted on his Twitter the Wizards are looking to trade for T-Macs expiring contract with Caron Butler as bait. What do you guys think of this?

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Wizards for T-Mac

It goes to show how desperate and how badly the Wizards need a make-over and after giving up their 5th pick for some good players that didn't play well with them, it's a blow in their faces when they could have drafted Rubio, Jennings, Hill or whoever is available at that spot... They're desperate and they are pushing the panic button... T-Mac is their so-called "hope"...

Just for the record Tracy McGrady loves playing against the Wizards... He torched them for 50, 52 and 62 points...

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Terrible Draft Strategy

Sadly I'm a wizards! Not only did we give up the 5th pick for 2 non-contributors (miller was giving great hustle plays with his steals and offensive rebounding but he is injured) (as for foye...boykins plays triple the minutes, nuff said) but we also gave up the 37th pick for cash. Looking back we could have drafted derozan at 5 who is an athletic 2/3 that we desperately need right now! Stevenson is gargabe, Young is inconsistent, and mcguire is a 9th or 10th man at best. With the 37th pick the wizards could of had DeJuan Blair, a PHYSICAL low post presence!!! He won't give you 16-18 a game, but the wizards have never had a problem scoring just stopping the other team from scoring. He would have brought front court depth and a different player profile, a mean streak, an aggressive rebounder and post defender!!!! I think any rational basketball fan would glady trade miller and foye for derozan and blair right about know!!! SMH @ the wizards

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