Allen Iverson

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Allen Iverson

he led his team to the finals singlehandedly, won an mvp and several scoring titles does he belong upthere with Kode, and Jordan?....... he doesnt have the rings but still hes accomplished a lot.

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I wouldn't mention him in

I wouldn't mention him in the same breath as Jordan and Kobe, but he's definitely one of the greatest little players to play the game and a first ballot hall of famer.

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The difference is Kobe has 4

The difference is Kobe has 4 titles, Jordan has 6 and Iverson 0.

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I may be bias because he was

I may be bias because he was my idol, but yeah I do think he could be mentioned in the same breath as those guys. Iverson was killed by his attitude, not many people liked him...But If you watched this guy on the court you can see that every single night he played he was the best player on the court, weather he was playing Kobe, Shaq, VC or whoever he always killed them..He brought a team of bums to the Finals and beat the undefeated Kobe and Shaq duo in the Finals single handedly....people say that he didn't make his teammates better, but who did he have a selfish, overrated Stackhouse, an inconsistent Hughes, and a washed up Webber.......

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No he doesn't belong with jordan and kobe

He has done a lot in the game but he didn't reach the level of those two. It is not just about the titles, but those two are 6'6" and it is a huge factor for a 30+ year old player. He still rely on his quickness on the court that might fade anytime with that age. Kobe and jordan are both better jumpshooters than AI too. If kobe and jordan's role would've been given to him now, his team still won't be able to win a champoinship and that is a huge difference. It is not because of the teammates, he had good teammates in denver. Denver they made it to the west finals with billups not AI. I like AI, he made a lot of highlights, but that is the truth he is not at the same level as those two.

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Iverson was a pretty special

Iverson was a pretty special player, but I think he should be mentioned on the level of Alex English, Dominique Wilkins, Rick Barry, Tiny Archibald, and guys who were very talented offense players and some of the greats of the game, but not your 5 or 6 time NBA champion/ extremely well rounded players.

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He can be mentioned with anybody because he was just as talented as any player that has ever played. Yes MJ and Kobe have more rings and no doubt had a better career due to that, but like the dude before me said, whenever he was on the court with another huge superstar he always did more than just hold his own. Just ask MJ's ankles haha

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