Deron Williams' struggle?

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Deron Williams' struggle?

Is it me or does Deron Williams seem to have trouble with the smaller (6ft-6'1ft) PG's in the league?

This season so far the Flynn (6ft) has lit it up on two occasions against Deron Williams and now Ty Lawson (6ft) and they are rookies.

Rondo (6'1ft) had a double-double Mo Williams (6'1ft) dropped 21points on him and Aaron Brooks (6ft) 19-9.

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With exception of Mo

With exception of Mo Williams, all of those PGs are rediculously quick, and I guess Deron Williams just has a harder time keeping up with track stars of the NBA

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It's damn near impossible to

It's damn near impossible to stay in front of those guys. The only point guard Deron's size or bigger that could stay in front of Lawson, Flynn or Brooks on a consistent basis is Baron Davis (in his prime).

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