Grizzlies and All star

don cannon
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Grizzlies and All star

I think with the way the grizz are playing right now Rudy Gay and Zach Randolph deserve serious all star considerations....Comments?

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ehhh, idk bout all star 4

ehhh, idk bout all star 4 either of them, but they got a good future

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To be honest i think the

To be honest i think the play of OJ Mayo has been the catalyst for there recent success. Shame he has no chance being a guard in the western Conference and all.

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I think Randolph should get

I think Randolph should get some consideration. He was an absolute monster in December.

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it is about the best players

it is about the best players than Randolph should get in because he is dominating like no other. Rudy and the rest or his teammates or playing well but Randolph is so dominating and there was a year in Portland he deserved it and did not get it so i would hope he gets it this year.

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memphis should trade rudy

memphis should trade rudy gay to new jersey for the #1 pick in the draft, start sam young at SF and get john wall...

that is IF N.J. gets the 1st pick

The lake show2
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why would the grizz do

why would the grizz do that? is playing liek a allstar and still getting better. yeah wall has potential but no one knows for sure how good he is gonna be. and the fact that the grizz are getting better and winning. makes no sense

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