Gerald wallace

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Gerald wallace

i have always been a fan of his game. i love watching him play. i think he is one of the most underated defenders in the game,even though i see why they call him but i feel like he doesnt get enough respect or mention around from the league. and im sure larry brown loves his game and so does mj. but dont you feel like he could a good impact on some playoff teams like orlando, cleveland, spurs, nuggets, blazers. if i was a gm of these teams i would be begging to have him on my team.

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blazers would be perfect, with all those injuries Wallace can slide to pf with Aldridge at the center

Outlaw, Webster, and Blake for Wallace Ajinca, and Henderson

Next years Blazers

Bayless - Roy - Wallace - Aldridge - Oden
Miller/Mills - Henderson/Fernandez - Batum /Cunningham- Pendergraph/Cunningham - Przybila

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Most Definetly, he's one of

Most Definetly, he's one of those guys EVERY GM wants...or it's portrayed that one. He's humble, quiet, does his job, and does it pretty darn well. Double Digit Scorer and Above Average Rebounder and Defender, but not a Number 1 Option. Perfect as a Third Option, maybe a Second if paired right

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Charlotte is becoming a good

Charlotte is becoming a good team and Larry Brown is not letting Wallace go unless he can get maybe Prince but i think at this point Larry likes the Jackson and Wallace Combo and just want to trade for better big men and some scoring off the bench. Bobcats will make the playoffs.

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i like wallace but he has to

i like wallace but he has to many injuries, that is largely contributed to his "balls to the wall" style of play.

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