Should Derrick favors stock drop

now im not going to lie. i havent seen the guy play like that. but from what i heard is. he is very raw atheltic undersize big man. who i heard has been compare to amare stoudmire and pre injury keyon martin. now i know he will be a top 10 pick. but do you think guys like monroe and ed davis who was once consider a top 3 pick should be look at or pick over him.

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I don't see him as a lock at
I don't see him as a lock at that #2 pick as of right now.  I've been saying that I think his stock should drop a little.  I would take Ed Davis over him at the moment.  We will see how Favors develops.  It will be interesting to see how good Favors is at the end of the season.  He is just too raw right now & doesn't show me anything except length/athleticism.  It would be really hard for me as a GM to take Favors over somebody like Evan Turner.
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i think favors

is not worth a top 5 pick. i seen his highlights and what not. and sometimes he looks lost. hes like a short dwight howard but without the defenseive tools.

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He's all upside. But he's

He's all upside. But he's not worthy of the #2 pick production-wise, but he could be down the line. I don't see him going over Turner, Johnson, Motiejunas, Aldrich etc with that said though..

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Yes he is.

I feel that Derrick will be a top-3 pick no matter what happens...He is averaging 12, 9 and 2.5 blocks. Not amazing, but solid...And I wouldn't take Ed Davis over Derrick gator...Derrick is 2+years younger and already has 30+ pounds on Ed Davis...2 years is quite a bit in the development department for a big man.

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There is nothing wrong with

There is nothing wrong with him. I've seen him play a couple times and he isn't overwhelming or anything, but I get why he was hyped. He is nowhere near as muscular as Amare was when he entered the league, but he seems content to just be an athlete and fit in. He rebounds, hangs around the hoop, and gets a lot of easy dunks and layups by being there.

Now, for the draft, he is bigger (bulkier, at least) and (maybe, possibly) slightly longer than Davis. They play the same way, and are just as effective at being a big, long athlete around the hoop. Davis has a slightly more polished post game, but he is in his second year at UNC so that would be expected. For all this, I cannot have a strong opinion for one over the other, though if I had to lean one way or the other I would go Favors because I have some doubt about Davis' wiry frame. I wouldn't be surprised if whoever drafts Davis would need to be patient with him developing physically like Jermaine O'Neal did in Portland. Favors has enough bulk to where at least I am confident he'll get on the court and be one of the best athletes on the floor. He could absolutely still be a pre-injury K-Mart. Just because D-Rose, Durant, and Beasley exploded as freshmen, it doesn't mean if they don't they cannot still be legit. K-Mart was nothing as a freshman at Cincinnati. Blake Griffin was 14-9 as a frosh, Favors is 13-9. Davis didn't really do much last year. Expectations might just have been a bit too high.

Monroe is a different player. He isn't a bad athlete, but he suffers from the flat-footed running style of Dominique Wilkins and Greg Oden. He looks like a bad athlete as a result, but his athleticism won't hold him back. What makes him a prospect, however, is his array of offensive skills and high basketball iq. If this was Philadelphia, and they have (heavy-legged, low post threat) Speights for the future, I'd probably want to have a bouncy athlete who can block shots next to him. Same for the Bucks with Andrew Bogut and the Nets with Brook Lopez. The Bulls have Joakim Noah, Taj Gibson, and Tyrus Thomas, I would think Greg Monroe would make more sense. I don't think this is a consensus, across the board thing.

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If im davis and favors, i

If im davis and favors, i stay one more yr, and keep on developing. cuz gettin no pt ur first few yrs can b a hard hit to a young players confidence

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He is a 6'10 246 PF so sure

He is a 6'10 246 PF so sure how that is undersized...even his profile has him listed as a 10 in size. He is a little raw but very good around the basket. I feel like he should be scoring a lot more and should be taking more shots..he needs to be more active like his teammate Gani Lawal. Favors only had 6 points and 7 rebounds against Charlotte today and only took 5 shots but again he got in foul trouble. He did have a sick reverse jam after he stole the ball and when the length of the court for the dunk and another nice dunk were he dunked in traffic after getting the ball inside. I think he will be a future all star but wont make a huge impact offensively early on. He has all the tools to be great IMO....

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its about time people are

its about time people are seeing what i saw from the begining of the season. i kept saying he was raw and needs alot of work skill wise but people were so caught up on the mcdonalds all star game that they didnt wanna listen. i kept hearings its only 2 games or 4 games but if you watch you can see it early if someone is raw or not and they play more off of there athletisim. hes no where close to a sf and his jumper is non existant. he will still be a high draft pick because of potential but i think he also has a higher then average dissappointment factor as well if he comes out after this year


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