This is why I hate fans picking the starters for all-star games

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This is why I hate fans picking the starters for all-star games

I found this on, but no author was listed

NEW YORK -- Back in Philadelphia, Allen Iverson could be back in the All-Star Game.

Tracy McGrady also could have a starting spot -- even though he might not play another game before then.

Iverson surged into second place among Eastern Conference guards Thursday after the third returns of All-Star balloting, putting him in position to make his ninth start. He is more than 155,000 votes ahead of No. 3 Vince Carter or Orlando.

Iverson is listed with the Western Conference guards on the paper ballot, having started the season in Memphis. But his votes count toward the East since rejoining his longtime team on Dec. 3.

McGrady inched back ahead of Steve Nash by 1,005 votes for second among West guards. He played only six games for the Rockets before they decided he would leave the team while exploring a trade for him.

Starters for the Feb. 14 game in Dallas will be announced Jan. 21.

The other players on track to start are more predictable -- and more deserving. LeBron James and Kevin Garnett lead East forwards, Dwight Howard is tops among East centers and Dwyane Wade is the No. 1 East guard.

Kobe Bryant, who won his third All-Star MVP last year, is the overall leading vote-getter. Carmelo Anthony and Dirk Nowitzki are the leaders at West forward and Amare Stoudemire at center.

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popularity wins. it sucks

popularity wins. it sucks but that just how it works

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i know right it ducks man

i know right it sucks man deron willimas look he is going to be snub from the all star game again he should be a 3 time all star by now but he aint made one yet

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this couldnt make me any

this couldnt make me any more mad..why do fans get to decide? the majority of the voters are the 11 year olds that walk around talking about how awesome a.i.'s crossover or t-mac's jump shot is...little do they know that both have played inconsistently and not ONLY because of injury but because of insubordination (unwilling to cooperate) makes me sick to see garnett start too, the guy is an all-star dont get me wrong but he's nowhere near the level of player chris bosh is anymore

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I agree Joe

This issue first came to my attention during Yao Ming's rookie year. I believe Ming was voted in as a starter over Shaq. Its just all about the NBA trying to let the fans have a part in the game.

Its a bummer that these injured guys get voted in as starters, but usually they won't play and they get replaced by a player that should be starting.

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as we all have said its

as we all have said its clearly a popularity contest and also shows how alot of these so called ''fans'' either don't kno shit about bball or just dont watch it. why would you vote in a guy that hasn't played all season? i guarantee ai wouldve been voted a starter even if he stayed retired lol... im glad i joined this website a couple of weeks ago cuz at least i kno there are still true bball fans that actually kno what they talkin about.

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This is why you don't use All-Star appearances to judge a player's career. Sure, they could be a 9-10 time all star, but only 6-7 were deserved(*cough* what's gonna happen to T-Mac*cough*).

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This is absolutely

This is absolutely ridiculous, but there isn't much anybody can do. If they take Iverson and/or McGrady out of the all-star game, then the DEE-DEE-DEES who voted for them are gonna get mad and poop their pants. If they keep them there, then the people who actually watch basketball and have common sense are gonna get mad and write angry letters. I don't know about you, but a bunch of little kids and adults with I.Q's under 50 pooping their pants sounds much safer than some angry letters. Stinkier, but safer :)

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I'm still wondering how

I'm still wondering how T-Mac got more votes than Kevin Durant...that kid is a future MVP, and close to it already. I'd say he's the 2nd best Small Forward in the West, behind Carmelo

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a couple things: 1-would

a couple things:

1-would anybody care if the fans votes were taken away? My guess is no. I'm sure the world would be fine if iverson and tmac didn't start, having fans vote is stupid.

2-with the above statement said, the majority of the time the fans get it right. Very rarely am i wondering what a player got voted in for.

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Sometimes coaches get it

Sometimes coaches get it wrong to ...For the past 3 seasons they've failed to select Deron Williams ..Last season they voted David West in over Carmelo who made 3rd team all nba...West is a good player but he's not better than Melo...In 2004 they got it wrong again the east coaches selected Micheal Redd over Lebron...Redd have a breakout year..But he didnt have the impact that King James had that season..

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why do you think dwill will

why do you think dwill will be snubbed?..the coaches pick the bench and i dont see why nash,paul and dwill wont be on the team

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