my oh my!! how the once mighty have fallen

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my oh my!! how the once mighty have fallen

Shaq is the best big man of my generation..But he's clearly on his last leg..Becuz he's not the unstoppable force he use to be...I hope Cleveland wins the title this season so he can retire a winner..He would be sorely missed when he does hang it up....I really cant see a team paying him 20 million a year....And it was only a few years ago Tracy Mcgrady & Allen Iverson were on everyone's list as top 5 players in the league..Iverson led a group of journeymen to the NBA finals...The best 6 foot player ever...And T-Mac had people asking who was better him or Kobe? But now both former superstars are trying to recapture that magic..Mcgrady was told his services were no longer needed and the team will try to trade him...but it wouldn't be easy..becuz he makes 23 million a year and he becomes a free agent after the season...if teams do trade for him wouldnt be becuz of his'll be his expiring contract they want..Iverson is 34 and TMac is only 30...Iverson is back in Philly and has shown he can get 20 a nite..but he's also shown he doesnt have the abililty to dominate like he once did...And fans havent had enuff of them either voting both Iverson & TMac to start in the Allstar game...Fans vote for these guys becuz they know they're put on a show in the allstar game.....And with Cleveland playing so well as a team..Coaches might vote Shaq in over Lopez, Noah or Horford who are having better seasons.....I hope so becuz as a big fan of basketball Shaq,TMac & Iverson always put on great shows

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yeah man lol, iverson fell

yeah man lol, iverson fell off to soon, as well as t-mac. but shaq fell off over time tho. the thing with iverson and tmac is tht in there primes i think they were to selfish, and not always bout winnin. its somewhat like kobe, but then kobe realized in order to win u have to be a team player, tht resulting in a 4th ring, but its really unforchunate tht tmac and a.i. have fell off so fast :(

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