Pick one

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Pick one

Bynum or Lopez?
Iguodala or Josh Smith?
Roy or Johnson?
Jennings or Evans?
Rose or Westbrook?
Love or Thompson?
Kevin Martin or JR Smith?
Melo or Durant?
Paul or Williams?
Dirk or Bosh?
Flynn or Beaubois?
Stuckey or Brooks?
Perkins or Nene?
Rondo or Parker?

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Lopez Iguodala Roy Evans Rose

JR Smith

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Lopez, and it isn't close.

Lopez, and it isn't close. Bynum is a big body who gets set up by Kobe, Pau, Artest, Odom, Fisher, et al. A lot of guys can look good in that situation.

Iguodala, but I don't feel good about it. If Philly wins the lottery and comes away with Wall, I don't think anyone would doubt that Iguodala is a real All-Star.

I'll go Johnson because he is bigger. Close though.

Evans. Jennings is tiny and hasn't really been anything special for more than a month. 35% shooting over past 19 games. Milwaukee has won 4 games in that span. Evans has been everything anyone could have wanted and then some. The only hold up is that outside shot of his, but in comparison to the way Jennings is shooting now it isn't that bad.

Rose. Not close. True point with great athleticism versus freak athlete and I'll take the point every time.

Thompson. Love is a bit undersized at the 4 and Thompson is big enough and athletic enough to play both the 4 and 5.

Martin, but only because I don't trust J.R. Smith's head. Otherwise, I'm not so sure.

Durant for the length.

Paul. No good reason.

Dirk. If Bosh leaves Toronto and teams up with LeBron or Wade, then the perception of him will rise dramatically (much like Pau in LA). Dirk doesn't need to be around another star to look great.

Flynn. Beaubois is better than expected, but I won't confuse better than draft slot with better than actually is.

Brooks. Stuckey is the big reason the Pistons are where they are (11-21). It is easy to fall in love with them, but the love for Stuckey was why they moved Billups. It is why they insulted Rip and AI by making one of them come off the bench. For what? He is a really good combo guard off a team's bench (cough, cough) what he was going into the 08-09 season (cough, cough). Brooks is a legit starter.

Perkins. Younger. Stronger. More durable.

Parker. Did Pops ever try and shop Tony for a top five pick? No, it didn't happen. I can't imagine why not.

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- It's tough to say because

- It's tough to say because both players are in different situations, but from the eye test... Lopez is better to me. I think Lopez has the potential to be a dominant center, especially offensively.

- Close, but I'd go with J Smoove. He impacts the game in more ways. He's a great shot blocker and is becoming a very good on ball defender. He's super athletic and has a high motor. Iguodala's on the ball defense has slipped this season. I think he's better when at the small forward position and I think he'd be better as a number two option.

- Tough. These two go back and forth. I think Roy is more talented, but Johnson is bigger and stronger. I also think Johnson has the better overall game. Roy is a joke on defense and doesn't play as well off the ball. Give me Joe for right now.

- Evans. He'll win Rookie of the Year. Big, strong, go-to mentality... Future 25 point per game scorer.

- Rose. Westbrook is the better the defender, but that's about it. Rose is better at everything else.

- Love. He's a double double waiting to happen, plus he has a lot of intangibles.

- Smith is super talented and really showed me an all-around game last season vs the Lakers in the playoffs. He played D and showed he could be a playmaker. However, I too don't trust his head. Give me K-Mart, who is an amazing scorer.

- Melo is still the better player right now. I like his ability to play in the inside as well as the outside.

- I usually prefer a big point guard, but Chris Paul is so good that I'd have to go with him. You can't go wrong with either of them though.

- Bosh is a great power forward, but Dirk is the best in the league. Dirk is a legit franchise player, while I'm not so sure about Bosh.

- Flynn as of right now. Beaubois has a ton of upside though, maybe more than Flynn. Once he gets the minutes, etc this could be different.

- Stuckey. He's bigger and stronger. Stuckey IS NOT the reason why the Pistons are 11-21. They're 11-21 because of Hamilton and Prince being injured. They're 11-21 because Villanueva can't average 6 rebounds. Stuckey is actually having a pretty good season. Brooks is a very good little player, but he's not better than Stuckey. I'd take Stuckey every day of the week.

- Nene is the better player, especially offensively. Perkins is a very good defender and has improved a lot, but he isn't always focused and complains to the refs too much.

- Two different players with two different roles. Parker is clearly the better scorer and offensive player, while Rondo is the better defender and playmaker. Parker is also the better leader. I think Parker will be the better player for at least a couple of more seasons.

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Bynum or Lopez? I like Lopez

Bynum or Lopez? I like Lopez here.

Iguodala or Josh Smith? Iguodala. He's the better player, although Smith has outplayed him defensively this season.

Roy or Johnson? I like Roy. Joe Johnson honestly has the ability to be better, but he's not as aggressive or as clutch as Brandon Roy.

Jennings or Evans? As of right now, it's Evans. I think Jennings will be better in the future though.

Rose or Westbrook? Right now Westbrook. I do think Rose will be better than him in the future though.

Love or Thompson? Tough one, I'll say Kevin Love.

Kevin Martin or JR Smith? Give me Martin. Both bring the same things to the table, except that Smith is less effective off the dribble, that's the deciding factor.

Melo or Durant? Right now, Carmelo. Next year and beyond, Durant. Such an effortlessly great scorer.

Paul or Williams? Chris Paul is the better player.

Dirk or Bosh? Dirk Nowitzki is better to me...

Flynn or Beaubois? Flynn. I think Beaubois could develop into what Tony Parker is, but with better shooting. I'd take Flynn because he's everything a PG should be, and he has that "it" factor.

Stuckey or Brooks? vERY tough one, both are playing borderline All-Star ball this year, but I'll say Stuckey. He seems to be more dominant as a player. I'm a big Brooks guy too...Neither one is a true PG though IMO

Perkins or Nene? Give me Nene. He's got the talent to be a 2nd option scorer, even though he's not the defender he should be considering his physical gifts.

Rondo or Parker? Give me Rondo, who I think had been the Celtics best player this season. Parker is only a better scorer than Rondo.

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Lopez Iggy Roy Young

Young Buck

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Bynum or Lopez?

Bynum or Lopez? Lopez
Iguodala or Josh Smith? Iguodala
Roy or Johnson? Roy
Jennings or Evans? Evans
Rose or Westbrook? Rose
Love or Thompson? Love
Kevin Martin or JR Smith? Martin
Melo or Durant? Durant
Paul or Williams? Williams
Dirk or Bosh? Dirk
Flynn or Beaubois? Plynn
Stuckey or Brooks? Stuckey
Perkins or Nene? Perkins
Rondo or Parker? Rondo

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Bynum or Lopez: Judging by

Bynum or Lopez: Judging by number, I would take Lopez, but consider Bynum is on the Lakers, its a tie for now
Iguodala or Josh Smith: Iggy, he is more skilled than Smith, he can occasionally play PG.
Roy or Johnson: Roy, he is younger, more athletic, and also a great shooter, no contest here.
Jennings or Evans: Jennings, Tyreke is a beast, but I just like Jennings better, he can score, and also run a team.
Rose or Westbrook: Rose, he has been scoring consistently recently, he now needs to pick it up on D
Love or Thompson: Thompson is a bit more athletic then Love is, but Love is better and Shooting, Passing and Rebounding.
Kevin Martin or JR Smith: JR, the main reason is that Martin cant stay healthy, otherwise I would pick him.
Melo or Durant: Durant, he is much younger, and he is already at the same level with Melo skill wise, the only thing he needs to add is strength and experience.
Paul or Williams: CP3, I love Dwill's game too, but CP3 is just too good, he has been averaging MVP numbers the last few years, too bad the Hornets arent winning.
Dirk or Bosh: Bosh, Dirk is great, but I like Bosh more.
Flynn or Beaubois: Flynn, despite being under 6 feet, he will be a great point guard, maybe even top 5
Stuckey or Brooks: Stuckey, even though he cannot run a team, but so does Brooks, his size is really a advantage for the PG position.
Perkins or Nene:Perk, he is a great defender, and shot blocker.
Rondo or Parker: Parker, I would pick Rondo if he can at least make his free throws.

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1. lopez, closest thing to tim duncan.
2. smith, I love the defense he brings. no pun to iggy, i love his d too.
3. roy
4. Evans, most people talk about his ability to score, he is a good defender as well.
5. Rose, i like westbrook and his dominance, but he turns it over a bit much.
6. Love, jason gets into foul trouble way too quickly and continues to make rookie mistakes.
7. kevin martin...easy lol
8. Durant, at 20years old, he scores 25. Imagine him at age 25-28.....
9. Paul, d-will is tougher but I'll take paul over him anyday.
10. Bosh, if he can become a great defender, he'd be the best PF in the league
11. Flynn
12. Brooks...he's quick as hell and can light you up on a good day.
13. Perkins, awesome defender, but poor attitude.
14. Rondo, I'll go with rondo...parker developed a rondo most likely will, rondo's better at everything as well.

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