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Alex Legion

Could someone explain to me why he is transferring again?

Also, I believe he has already used up his redshirt year, does this mean he will only play one season at FIU?

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He shoulda stayed with

He shoulda stayed with Michigan. They could use him to take the scoring load off Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims

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He can't dribble. Bruce

He can't dribble. Bruce Weber sat him because of his love for spotting-up.

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From the Chicago

From the Chicago Tribune:

Legion said he likely will sit out the next three semesters to preserve one full year of eligibility beginning in fall 2011. If Legion chose to sit out two semesters, he would have only one semester of eligibility left.

People have a lot of fun slamming Isiah, but he is bringing in some good recruits next year for FIU. Legion might not be a big time, big conference player, but he should be able to do well in the Sun Belt. Dominique Ferguson is highly regarded and will be a freshman next year. He is also bringing in a prep kid from Detroit as well as a JuCo from there as well. Combine that with Legion being from there, and it is hard to argue that Zeke's name is still golden in Detroit and that Miami winters are favorable to those of Michigan.

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