Iguodala for T-Mac has a chance?

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Iguodala for T-Mac has a chance?

Houston willing to ship McGrady to Philly if they can get Iguodala?

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i read today that it appears

i read today that it appears dead. And of course houston would probably love to get iggy for TMac. Tmac has played his last game with houston and whether he leaves via trade or free agency, i'm sure the rockets would love to get some quality player like igguodala.

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Why would Philly give up

Why would Philly give up Andre they just gave him an extension and have basically made him the franchises face.

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Yea I have a hard time

Yea I have a hard time seeing Philly giving up Dalembert or Brand and Iguodala too. Seems like Philly would be doing too much to get just an expiring contract...Iguodala is too valuable for that as well

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I understand that 76ers would get expiring contract but why give up Iggy who is a borderline all star and brand or dalmebert? Just dont understand it

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If you can do tmac and someone like brian cook plus the rockets first for iggy and brand then you gotta take that trade. The sixers are and have been stuck in nuetral so this is the major shake up they need, and it would be around 26 million dollars freed up. If we don't sign a big name FA then sit on the cap space, move to 2011 offseason and then sammy will be off the books too giving you almost enough for 2 big FA. If it is iggy and sammy for tmac thou I do not do it.

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