kobe does it again

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kobe does it again

this time he was left wide open. I can't believe how many games the lakers should've lost if kobe didn't make those last second shots.

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kobe used a light pushoff to get wide open.

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Hey, if the refs don't call

Hey, if the refs don't call it, then it doesn't count. The "blocking foul" he drew against Andrew Bogut was sketchy (to say the least), but it was a blocking call nonetheless. Jordan used a "light" pushoff on Russell, but that turned out pretty well, didn't it?

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that was incidental contact,

that was incidental contact, kobe was setting a screen and the man didn't see it so when they collided he took the brunt of it and it looked worse then it was. Defenitely not a foul on kobe. Either way, kobe has hit 3 game winning buzzer beaters in the last month.

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"Mama, there goes that man..."


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Kobes no joke... But bad

Kobes no joke...

But bad defense by the Kings, I understand Sergio got screened, but Kobe should of never been that wide open period....hes the last guy in the NBA you want taking a wide open game winning shot..

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His left leg was

His left leg was ridiculously close to being out.

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lol..yeah supperman does it

lol..yeah supperman does it again. its good to be a lake show fan

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Can the Kings have A Muligan?

I cant wait for the time that the Kings finally learn to start closing games like these...

New Years resolution: Keep Casspi and Hawes playing like they did against the Lakers.

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Kobe saves the Lakers

Not bad for the Kings on the road with no Tyreke or Kmart almost beating the Lakers.
How do you not double him leave one of the other guys open.
Great Laker D giving up 108 pts to a bunch of no name guys, Hawes outplays Bynum.
Fisher 1 of 10 shooting wow and the Lakers bench is awful outside of Odom they had 11 pts between 5 guys.

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Kudos to the Kings for a great game... Ime Udoka sucks! He choked big time... That's why they are just another victim of Kobe's clutch play...

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Great shot by Kobe. I don't

Great shot by Kobe. I don't think he's ever been better than he's been this season. He's THAT much better than he was last season. What makes what he's doing even more amazing is that he's playing through injuries that a lot of guys would miss a couple games here and there for.

The Lakers have concerns though. Giving up 30 to Hawes. He spanked Bynum. 108 to a team without their two leading scorers. Needing another game winning shot from Kobe to beat a team they should destroy AT HOME. Fisher is capable of hitting big buckets, but he has declined significanly. Other than Odom, their bench is a joke. They need to make a move to bring more punch to their bench.

If this was versus a veteran team, they would've blown the Lakers out on their homecourt last night.

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