2011 Recruits: On the Rise.

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2011 Recruits: On the Rise.

1.) Mike Shaw: 6'9''; 220 lbs; Forward; Chicago, IL.
Projection: Lamar Odom

2.) Michael Gbinije: 6'6''; 196 lbs; Small Forward; Richmond, VA.
Projection: Quentin Richardson

3.) Rodney Hood: 6'8''; 195 lbs; Small Forward; Meridian, MS.
Projection: Josh Howard

4.) Sam Thompson: 6'7''; 185 lbs; Small Forward; Chicago, IL.
Projection: Gerald Wallace

5.) Kyle Wiltjer: 6'9''; 225 lbs; Power Forward; Portland OR.
Projection: Darius Songaila

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Michael Gbinije?

Who the hell si that. Do you mean Mike Gilchrist?

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Agree about Shaw and Hood, I think those guys are highly underrated... You should've included Marshall Plumlee though... I think he's going to be better than Miles and Mason cause he's more of a post up C, and those two are more face up kind of C's

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