T-Mac to the Sixers for... Iguodala?

Rumors are just rumors until they're confirmed, but there's an interesting one floating around that's beginning to pick up steam.

At first the Sixers offered Brand and Dalembert, two players they're trying desperately to unload, to the Rockets for Tracy McGrady's expiring contract. The Rockets declined and said that the Sixers would have to "knock them over" with the amount of young talent included in a package deal centered around Andre Iguodala. Reports are that the Rockets would want Thaddeus Young, Lou Williams or center Marreese Speights in the deal.

What do you think?

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should take that trade of brand and dalembert. Rockets need size.

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Good for sixers

I see this trade working for the sixers.

They can unload Brand and give the rockets a young guy, which may seem bad now for the sixers now but will play off soon. By getting rid of Brand they'll have 14mill for this offseason.
Altogeather they'd have 14mill(brand)+22mill(Tmac)+12mill(Dallemebert)+6mill(Kapono)+4mill(Green) and 1mil(Ivey)

With this kind of money they pick up atleat 2 stars and some quality role guys

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The Rockets are willing to

The Rockets are willing to take on money, but I think the fact that Brand still has three years and $51,179,183 remaining AFTER this season is a little too much... Plus they already have enough undersized power forwards. Landry is playing better than Brand right now in the 6th man role Brand is currently complaining about.

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I'm sure Iguodala would be

I'm sure Iguodala would be happy to be on a team that's playing playoff level basketball...I don't know what to think of this yet though

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I doubt the Sixers add

I doubt the Sixers add Iguodala or any other young talent....

Dalembert/Brand for T-Mac sounds bad for both teams to me

You already have enough shots going around with Williams, Iverson, and Iguodala, adding McGrady would only make things difficult

And Dalembert/Brand to Houston sounds good for this season...but they both have contracts that go past this season and once Yao returns things will get complicated with Scola, Landry, Dalembert, Brand, Hayes, Anderson, and Yao all in the mix...

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If the Rockets can flip

If the Rockets can flip T-Mac's expiring deal into Iguodala, Williams, Young and Speights... Their GM should be considered the best in the world.

I don't think the Sixers should do it. That's too much young talent. I'd tell the Rockets that they have to take Brand no matter what. It's either Brand and the young talent. Or Iguodala and Brand. Iguodala AND the young talent is just way too much.

Personally... I think the Sixers should just wait until next season when Dalemberts $12,912,823, Kapono's $6,641,440, Green's $3,976,000 and Ivey's $1,037,960 are expiring and just try to make a deal.

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I would not do a huge deal

I would not do a huge deal with Houston.

I would rather move Philly's big contracts in seperate deals.

Also- Noone is taking that Brand deal.

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Wow...If my Rockets could

Wow...If my Rockets could snag Iggy & Lou Williams/Thad Young/Mareese Speights that'd be amazing...but we're pretty stacked at each position. Iggy isn't a Natural 2, but if he came over he'd have to be...or We could keep Ariza at the Two and Iggy at the 3. Battier to the bench. Man...THat'd be a LogJam at PF if Speights were included, but if so we'd have to play him at the 5 more-so. I don't think Thad Young would fit all too well...he's just another SF. Lou Will? No thanks...We got Brooks and Lowry.

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T-mac, Budinger, Anderson, and Scola for Brand, Smith, Iggy, and Kapono

Next year
Houston starters Yao - Brand - Ariza - Iggy - Brooks
Houston bench Smith - Landry (better off the bench but can get more minutes) - Kapono - Battier - Lowry

Philly this year
Starts Speights - Young - T-mac - A.I. - Williams
Bench Dalembert - Scola (6th man starts against bigger teams) - Budinger - Green - Holiday

Philly drafts Favors (moves young over) or Johnson or Turner

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the original rumor of iggy,

the original rumor of iggy, young and either speights or williams is just dumb for philly. None of those guys are bad contracts, the only way they would want tmac is if they could get out of either brands or Dalemberts bad contracts. You don't give up solid players just to create cap space so you can go out and try to sign new solid players.

thatguy- i actually kinda like that trade you mention. As much as losing iggy would suck for philly, if it means that they get out of Brands and Kapono's bad contracts, it might be worth it. They would have a ton of money to play with next years free agent class and could build around Young, williams, speights and holiday.

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well i believe this has potential to be somewhat of a decent idea...
we can all agree that philly is not playing up to their potential, and that itll be difficult for them to climb there way back up to a respectable position in the standings...9-23 not so good hahaha

i really like iggy as most of u do as well but he isnt a franchise player even though hes portrayed to being that. i think getting a huge expiring contract for iggy is a great deal....not so much adding young players in the deal but i think a good deal would be TMac for Iggy and Dalembert.

For houston they get the explosive dunks from iggy and an overpaid but decent big man to fill the holes that yaos injury has left behind. I can even see iggy coming off the bench as a jason terry type of scorer off the bench (obviously not the shooter that terry is but the scorer)

starting line:


throughout games scola may have to shift the center and iggy plays a majority of minutes with ariza and battier

as for philly its more of a knicks philosophy (not bringing in lebron but they can have that type of money coming off the books). They'll have a high pick in the draft potentially bringing in like Al-Farouq Aminu or Derrick Favours. Plus bring in a decent player from free agency perhaps joe johnson can help....wade? amare? whomever

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Dalembert, Kapono, Green and Ivey aren't expiring this summer. They expire the summer of 2011.

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they won't be able to get

they won't be able to get rid of brand unless they put Iguodala in with him.
Houston sends:T-Mac and Brian Cook
Phily sends:Igoudala and Brand
If Houston thinks they can get more for T-mac then they are just stupid.

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the rockets gm is smoking crack. hes selling tmac value high like its the 2003 tmac. if i was the sixers gm i would say go you know what off. their aint no way the 76ers trade iggy, speights , young just for a broken down fmr star. now if you take brand ,dalembert off my hands then maybe i consider doing a deal involoving iggy and go ahead and draft evan turner or my boy wesley johnson.

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