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Random Thoughts

llperez was right... The 2008 Draft Trade between OJ Mayo and Kevin Love is not lopsided as many have thought. Kevin Love is doing wonders for the T'wolves... He's been a beast.

gator was right... The Bulls do need Tyrus and with him back, the Bulls are 3-0 since his comeback...

WTF????? DeAndre Jordan 38% from FREE THROW LINE????? That sucks...

John Wall is amazing... The number 1 pick for sure...

If Iverson starts for the East in the All-Star Game, I'm going to boycott my cable...

It's astonishing to know that a guy like Jamal Crawford has yet to have a playoff game... and a guy like Shareef Abdur-Rahim only had SIX playoff games...

I still miss Eddie Guerrero...

Marcus Fizer is the 2006 NBDL MVP...Wooooh!

Tracy McGrady is a talented player but he'll always be remembered as a guy who never made it out of the first round...

Shelden Williams can make the Celtics forget about Big Baby...

It's odd to see no Raptor has ever wore #23... Marcus Camby wore 21 during his tenure there...

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all interesting thoughts,

all interesting thoughts, i've watched a few celtic games this year (unfortunataly) and sheldon williams is playing good in limited minutes.

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Shelden Williams stopped

Shelden Williams stopped worrying about being a bust and letting that pressure get to him... Since then, he's played pretty good ball. He's a good fit on a team like the Celtics who only need him to rebound, play D and do the dirty work.

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I love these kind of topics lol...

Here are some of mine:

I'm not usually one to fire a 1st year coach, but I think Eddie Jordan has to go....

For as much as we jump on Quincey, and as conservative as he is before giving young prospects praise, he's been right with his patience about the majority of these Freshmen prospects...

Mike Conley, Greg Oden, and Thaddeus Yong haven't progresses nearly as much as I thought they would before the season, for different reasons.

The Hawks are better than I thought they'd be. I thought they'd be a solid 4th or 5th seed, instead they are an elite team as a 4th seed.

Kansas State. They are amazing this year. I love those guys. I don't care what anyone says....

I think Danny Granger needs to be talked about when discussing the best scorers in the game...

Why am I hearing Philly may use Iguodala as the centerpiece in the McGrady trade??!

Dexter Pittman is going to be a dominant player in the NBA as he continues to get in better conditioning.

Lance Stephenson is the real deal Holyfield...He's an impressive talent...

Everyone should watch out for Peyton Siva. He's rough around the edges right now, but boy is he entertaining..Nice athleticism and skills..

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