Is Duke for real?

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Is Duke for real?

I know, win against Penn.

The real thing is: Is this Duke team for real?

We lost one game against a really tough defensive team in Wisconsin but from what I seen

Shycher has looked well as the PG.

Dawkins and Smith has impressed me. There a bit small but they can shoot the lights out and in Dawkins case, is a top 5 shooter in the ACC % wise

Singler is Singler- plays tough, no questions ask

The Frontcourt was a question mark this offseason well Ryan Kelly, Mason and Miles Plumlee has done well so far.

What do you think? Is Duke for real?

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Give me 5 games into

Give me 5 games into Conference Play and I can give you an answer. Bad timing putting this post up after they beat Penn, which you did state.

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I think they're no better or

I think they're no better or worse than they were last year. If you consider a Sweet 16 team "for real", then yes, Duke is for real. But if you expect them to make a run at the Final 4 with their lack of a real post threat, then you'll be disappointed.

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