A 3 way deal I suggest. Spurs, Bulls, Rockets

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A 3 way deal I suggest. Spurs, Bulls, Rockets

Here's my deal and I'll explain why

Rockets get: Richard Jefferson, John Salmons, Matt Bonner and Roger Mason
Chicago get: Manu Ginobili, Chase Budinger and cash
San Antonio get: Tracy McGrady, James Johnson and Luol Deng

The Rockets will be getting 2 good players at positions that can use some help. Salmons is best off the bench as a spark. Bonner's shooting is underrated and I believe can be a mismatch as a bench player and Mason is Mason, whatever you get- good. Jefferson can be the SF and move Ariza to the two.

Projected Lineup- Brooks, Ariza, Jefferson, Scola, Anderson (Starters)
Lowry, Salmons, Battier, Landry ( Main Subs)

The Bulls get 2 slashers. Manu is slightly over the hill. He can still give you some great moments and next to Derrick Rose, can provide another scorer. Budinger is more of a future player but might help the Bulls next season.

Projected Lineup- Rose, Ginobili, Thomas, Gibson, Noah ( Starters)
Miller, Hinrich, Pargo ( Main Sub)

San Antonio gets something they might want to think of: a RESTART. Taking Jefferson's deal hurt SA for 2010 but taking McGrady's deal? Helps alot. James Johnson from what I seen is a Spurs type of player. He can defend well, maybe a SF with PF size but mutilple position player who's young. Deng would be the best piece in this deal. He averages a 18-8 right now and he's still 24 years old. Yea, he has a 5 year deal but as a potential 6th man? I would take him and not look back.

Projected Starters- Parker, McGrady, Deng, Duncan, Ratliff ( Starters)
Johnson, Hill, Blair, McDyess ( Main Subs)

what do you think?

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i dont think chicago's

i dont think chicago's getting enough in return

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Bulls wouldn't do it, they

Bulls wouldn't do it, they could easily get more than this.

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This trade is way too

This trade is way too extreme to be done during the season, or at any time. Big trades involving a lot of players happen in the offseason, and there's a reason for that so they can get those players in for training camp.

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What would they then trade thomas for since they are pushing that

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No.. First of Ariza IS the 2

First of Ariza IS the 2 Guard of the Rockets
Their Starting Lineup is
Brooks - Ariza - Battier - Scola - Hayes
AndersEn does not start
they dont need another SF(Richard Jefferson) And PF(Matt Bonner)
as they already have Chase Budinger & Mike Harris At Backup Sf,
And of COurse Lowry And Brooks Play Together at Times Making Ariza an Sf too
Then AT Pf they pretty much have ALOT of them..
Scola(6'9),Landry(6'9),Hayes(6'6),Andersen(6'11),Cook(6'9),Joey Dorsey(6'9)
they need a Center as the Start
Hayes(6'6) at the C and Use Andersen(6'11) as Backup
Chicago Gets Ginobili And Budinger which i think is pretty much impossible cuz the Spurs LOVE Ginobili and they have alrready built Their Big 3
Spurs Will NOT take McGrady

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Do you think that by all star break andersen will start or he will continue to comeoff the bench and see his minutes increase/decrease due to his production?

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