Cousins has to be rated higher

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Cousins has to be rated higher

Than 17th. He is the most productive player in basketball period. That guy is giving you 15 points, 9 reb. and 2 blocks in 19 minutes of action a game. That is better than Farouq-Aminu and he has the green light to do whatever he wants on his Wake Forest squad. Not to mention he is a big with hands. His motor maybe a question but production is production. Ask Zach Randolph.

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I agree with you, hes

I agree with you, hes extremely productive for his given time, and is seriously flying under the radar..
If his stock doesnt rise, whatever team snags him will get a nice steal

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its because( like i said

its because( like i said before) he does his work against cup cakes..hartford,rider etc..against good teams with big men near his size and pro skill level he averages 7ppg and 7 reb. and gets in foul trouble because he cant check them. there are other big men out there who put up his numbers or better but when you cant produce that same level against good teams what does that say?..

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You don't understand the site...

Like so many posters you fail to understand what a "mock" draft is;'s job is to project where players would be drafted if the draft were held today or whenever their last update took place. A mock draft is not a ranking of players. The site may very well feel Cousins is a top 10 prospect but their task is intended to assess team needs and desires and then base the mock off that.

If you want to argue that he should not be their 4th best center under rankings, then you may have a valid argument.

Draft Express has him going 28, Chad Ford has him ranked 30th, and HoopsHype has being drafted 25. So i actually think nbadraft is ahead of the rest on his potential.

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to many good bigs to say he

to many good bigs to say he better than them, one could argue he can't go higher than patrick patterson because PP is better. also with guys like craig brackins, greg monroe, etc. he has a lot of quality players at his position.
It will come down to if he can transfer over to center. if he can, he could have a great nba career.

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Kid is a bum

Always whining to refs, or to coach, or teammates. Out of shape. Bad effort, and as was said before, pads his stats against cupcakes. He isn't a great NBA Athlete, and I dont think he is really 6'11, so he projects as an undersized center or slow powerforward. Don't get me wrong, kid can make it in the league, but I wouldnt risk a top 20 pick on him when theres nearly 20 really solid big men prospects in this draft. Theres so many flaws with him that dont amount to success IMO

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gonna be hard for his stock

gonna be hard for his stock to rise cause of so much depth of big men in this draft. Also in the quality games that he has played against elite big men like unc he was in foul trouble because he couldn't stick with their athletic bigs, he had 5pts 5 rebs and 4 fouls 2-7 from the field. I think he is being overshadowed though by all the big men in this draft and could be a sleeper.

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