each teams strongest/weakest

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each teams strongest/weakest

Each NBA teams strongest and weakest position:

ATL- SG-SF (considering marvin williams the SF and josh smith the PF)
CHA-SG-PF (this is hard but chandler/mohammed is > then diaw/derrick brown)
CLE-SF-PF (choosing between PF and SG was hard.varejao/hickson or west/parker..what do u guys think?)
DAL-PF-C (better: Nowitzki/Tim Thomas or Howard/Marion?...worse: dampier/gooden or barea/kidd?)
DEN-SF-PF (considering chris andersen to be the backup C)
IND-SF-PG (i cant decide whats worse: Ford/Watson or Hibbert/Foster)
LAC-SG-PF (considering rasual butler 2guard and blake griffin unproven)
MEM-SG-PG (considering sam young the backup SG)
MIA-SG-PG (whats worse Richardson/Dorell Wright or Chalmers/Arroyo)
MIN-PF-SG (Whats better: Jefferson/Hollins or Love/Pecherov)
NJ-C-SF (considering terrence williams a 2-guard)
NO-PG-SG (whats worse: devin brown/marcus thornton or peja stojakovic/julian wright)
NY-SF-PG (considering galinari and chandler both SFs)
ORL-C-SF (considering rashard, anderson and bass the PFs and barnes/pietrus the SFs)
PHI-PF-C (considering thaddeus young a PF)
SAC-PG-SF (i feel like evans/udrih/rodriguez is better then just kevin martin)
SAS-PG-PF (considering Tim Duncan the C)
WAS-PF-SG (considering blatche the backup PF)

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as for cleveland, delonte is

for cleveland, delonte is ok and parker is a good spot up shooter so i would say pf is the weakest position
for New Orleans, i would take peja/juju over devin brown/marcus thorton
for Dallas, Nowitzki/Tim Thomas over Howard/Marion and Kidd/barea over dampier/gooden

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as a kings fan, i just want

as a kings fan, i just want to say that the kings' worst position is center, not small forward. we don't have anyone playing behind hawes, and hawes himself even isn't cutting it.

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I agree with gedrosolan;

The Kings are playing extremely well this year because they are fairly strong at every position except Center. Beno is back to playing like he was two years ago when he earned his contract, Sergio has been a pleasant surprise, and Evans needs no introduction, and when K-mart comes back, that would be one hell of a back court. The SF position is actually working for the Kings this year because they can rotate between Nocioni, Donte Greene, and Omri Casspi, and chances are that at least one or two of them will be having a good game. Jason Thompson is a blessing at the PF spot, and if the Kings can keep him out of foul trouble he definitely lets his presence be known, and with Jon Brockman and Kenny Thomas (finally getting off his ass and doing something again thanks to Westphal) the backup PF spot is not that bad. Center is where the Kings get depleted, both players who are capable here (excluding Thompson) are lacking what it takes to be a starter in the NBA, no need to explain why that is said about Sean May but its Spencer Hawes inconsistency that is really holding him back, he seem to have a good game about once out of every three games, and does not have the size to guard larger players in the low post.

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