Cavs, Bulls, Houston trade?

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Cavs, Bulls, Houston trade?

Cavs: Deng

Bulls: Moon... McGrady

Houston: Varejao... Miller

Cavs - rebounder, long defender and high maintenance scorer in Deng.

Bulls - expiring contract to land Bosh or Wade.

Houston - much needed big-men that fit their system.

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The Rockets have said they dont want a big contract in place of McGrady

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why cleveland needs another small forward, THEY should be the ones trying to get t-mac...another scoring option and can give them solid mins at the 2

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do you know much varejao is

do you know much varejao is overpaid? there isnt a single team in the league that will touch his contract. He is a great fit for the cavs and they need him and honestly without him that team isnt a great team; they are only a good team without him.

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smarter trade

Rockets send T-Mac, Scola, Anderson
Heat sends O'Neal, Cook, Richardson
Hornets send Okafor, Wright, Peja, Songaila

Rockets get Okafor, Wright, Peja, Songaila
Heat gets T-Mac, Scola, Anderson
Hornets get O'Neal, Cook, Richardson

Rockets Okafor - Landry - Ariza - Battier - Brooks bench Songaila - Wright - Peja - Budinger - Lowry
Heat Scola - Beasley - T-Mac - Wade - Chalmers bench Anderson/Magloire - Haslem - Jones - Wright - Arroyo/Quinn
Hornets O'neal - West - Richardson - Cook - Paul bench Armstrong - Diogu - Posey - Mo-Pete/Brown - Collison

Houston finds a center who can slide over to pf when yao is back, a bench big, prospect, and a 3 point shooter off the bench
Heat become a run and gun team and also give wade som much needed to help the heat keep wade
Hornets find a real center with cap relief, and a 2 who can play next to paul for awhile

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why would houston want vara

why would houston want vara when they are set at the pf position?..on top of his big contract? cleveland likes him. and deng plays sf. they have a pretty good sf in cleveland dont they?

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cleveland can't afford to

cleveland can't afford to give up a big man without getting one in return. also, as stated above, nobody want varejao's contract.

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