Channing Fyre

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Channing Fyre

Its not often your 6'11 center nails 6-10 3's and ends up with 26 pts and 10 rebs. I always thought he was a special player when he was with the knicks but then ended up on a deep portland team where he never played. Now after working on his shot hes thriving again. If this because of the suns system or is this just him finally having the confidence to shoot whenever he wants

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I think it's a little bit of

I think it's a little bit of both... The Suns' system, playing with Steve Nash AND getting his confidence back. I just talked about this in another thread, but McMillian destroyed his confidence and didn't use him right. They tried to play him as a banger and that's just not his game. I'm happy to see him playing well with the Suns and getting an opportunity to play.

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Frye is gonna get a big

Frye is gonna get a big payday next year. Im willing to bet he goes to new york

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I think he will stay in

I think he will stay in Phoenix. He is from that area and he is bringing back his career there too.

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i've always been a channing frye fan, he was a passionate player in college and an athletic 6'11'' guy that put up 19 and 8 on any given glad to see him succeeding however i think phoenix is one big body away from getting serious in the west...they have the run n gun which is hard to defend but they dont play any defense

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i think he will stay in

i think he will stay in phoenix, he is a perfect compliment to amare (if he stays)

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It's both but it shows you

It's both but it shows you some players will look bad for 1 team then shine with the next cuz some coaches put players in a position to succeed. Why dont all coaches make it where most there players can succeed instead of only catering to their stars game?

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