Spurs trade?

Spurs: Deng... Gibson... 2010 first round pick(Bulls)

Bulls: Ginobili... 2010 first round pick(Spurs)

What y'all feel about this? Me, personally, Bulls get much needed Cap space for their Blueprint around Rose. Spurs put their foot to the medal and give Duncan his last pursuit. By the way, I've seen this kid Gibson, no one saw him coming.

the I in win
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is this really going to

is this really going to happen or just conjecture on your part? if this is happening i would be excited for the spurs but confused for the bulls. Ginobili hasn't recovered from his injury very well AND chicago has to give up their pick, no bueno.

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Something I put together for

Something I put together for the NBA deadline!

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If the Bulls are looking for

If the Bulls are looking for cap space, Deng will probably be the last guy they deal. Not sure if he would be an upgrade over Manu either.

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Nobody wants Deng... That's

Nobody wants Deng... That's a tab nobody wants to pick up... Not to mention he's taken a big step back since he signed his deal.

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ive never been a luol deng

ive never been a luol deng fan but he IS averaging 18.1 ppg, 8 rpg, 1.1 bpg, 1 spg, shooting 47% FG, 43% 3PT, 81% FT

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it wouldnt be a upgrade over

it wouldnt be a upgrade over manu plus why would the spurs get deng when jefferson plays the 3? on top of there pay role being high taking on dengs contract means they have no room to sign anyone else

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why would the spurs do this they already have jefferson playing small forward and they have a couple of young prospects at the pf... Blair and Haislip and also a young c in Mahinmi

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