Should They?

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Should They?

I'm watching the Knicks and Nets game and the ball went to the fans. One fan got the ball and i honestly thought he thought he could keep it until (looks like) his son snatched the ball and threw it back to the court. Fans want the ball and in the NFL the fans get the ball same in baseball. SHould the NBA allow the lucky fans who get the ball to keep it or is the value too costly?

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I think one of the issues is

I think one of the issues is how easy it is to get the ball back off the fans in basketball, the crowd is very close to the court so the ball never gets that far in the NFL and in Baseball it tends to go fairly deep in to the stands that are already positioned a good 15-20ft away from the field at least.

It would a good gesture for fans to be allowed to keep the ball but money is the other issue as basketballs are more expensive than the other two.

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it would be cool but i think

it would be cool but i think the player wouldn't like it, every ball is a little different and it takes a few touches to get used to it, don't want a new ball in the final few minutes of the game.

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Authentic basketballs are roughly the same price as authentic footballs so i dont really think thats the case, and even if they were far more expensive you gotta figure if your in the crowd and you end up with the basketball you most likely paid a pretty penny for those seats so just let the fans keep the ball, you're an NBA franchise you can afford the 200 dollars a game you might lose in basketballs into the crowd

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