Nets have bright future without free agent signing.

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Nets have bright future without free agent signing.

Lets face it the Nets aren't going to make the play-offs but looking at their starting line-up it is actually really good.

C. Lopez (Future perennial All-Star)
PF. Yi (Finally playing well All-Star potential)
SF. CDR (Knows how to score the ball and can fill a stat sheet)
SG. Lee (Again like CDR can do a little of everything)
PG. Harris (An All-Star if he starts playing at that level again Nets will be a very tough team)

Come lottery time I honestly don't think the Nets will have the higher chances of landing the number one pick.

They will also likely get a player like Gay or Johnson to make them even better.

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don't forget terrance

don't forget terrance williams

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They really do, the Nets are

They really do, the Nets are one of the sleeper teams of the future, and im jumping on the bandwagon now

They're only lacking some real depth, Trenton Hassel, Keyon Dooling, Josh Boone, Eduardo Najera simply wont cut it for a bench...

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But I don't think Yi has "all-star potential". He can be a solid starter in the league though.

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So since kiki is gonna help yi alOng and help him with his confidence I think he can become something good. I liked him coming Into the league and he has tremendous upside with athleticism and good skill level for his size. He just seems lost at times on the court and at times plays passively. He was playing well at the beginning of the year before his injury and I think he can start playing well again. I hope

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This is one of the only

This is one of the only teams in the lottery that you look at and really doesnt need anything but time to develop. So with whomever they get it will only be a plus for them

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if okc ends up getting in

if okc ends up getting in the lotto they are another team that just needs time

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