Small Detail

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Small Detail

What small little detail has happened in a trade that really had a big affect down the road for your favorite team?

My favorite team is the phoenix suns and they traded joe johnson for boris diaw and two first round picks. The first round pick of the atlanta hawks was a protected pick but in the 2007 draft it was top 3 protected and sure enough the hawks got the 3rd pick in the lottery and selected Al Horford. Im glad we got Robin Lopez in 2009 but Horford is a beast.

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for the cavs, when they did

for the cavs, when they did the larry hughes trade we brought in big ben, wally, and delonte, but i knew that joe smith would also be a big part of the team.

also when i saw the vince carter trade i didn't think ryan anderson was just a throw in.

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when the celtics traded delonte west, wally szczerbiak and the #5 overall pick in the 2007 draft they received ray allen who obviously was a major key to the championship but they also received the #35 pick that was used to select Glen Davis, a key reserve and fan favorite in Boston who really stepped it up in the playoffs last year in Kevin Garnett's place
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Draft Picks

Draft picks are really valuable, which is why I can't figure out why so many teams are willing to throw them in trades, especially second rounders. It's a good way to get guys for cheap and it seems like you can always find guys late in the first or in the 2nd round that are ready to play now.

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