Houston Cougars guards

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Houston Cougars guards

What do you all think of houston's two guards Aubrey Coleman and Kelvin Lewis

Coleman is leading the NCAA in points per game with 26.6 and also leads the cougars in Rebounds as a 6-4 guard with 7.6. Coleman is also leading the NCAA in steals per game with 3.5 per game. he is big enough to play in the nba and can be a Dwyane wade type player. He is 200 pounds.

Kelvin Lewis is also a solid score averageing nearly 19 points per game. He is shooting at
48% from the 3point line while attempting around nine 3s a game. He is also a good defender averageing 2 steals a game.

What are the chances that these guys could get drafted next year.

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