Let me hear your best Trade Proposals

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Let me hear your best Trade Proposals

When it comes to trading T-Mac. As a Houston Fan I haven't seen one Stinking deal that made sense to me. The only REAL teams interested are Chi-Town, Knicks, Sac, & I've also heard the Jazz and Warriors are interested too.
I think the best thing would be trading him to Chicago for Salmons & Brad Miller? A trade we were going to make last year. I don't know if both those players are on the table, but I know Salmons is and Miller is in Vinny's Doghouse. They are also putting Tyrus on the block too, but seeing that Vinny is going to be fired soon from Rumors they might wait off. The Knicks...I want ONE Player & only ONE. Danillo Gallinari. If he doesn't come over, not deal whatsoever.

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if you don't want wilson

if you don't want wilson chander then you have a flawed logic.

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The Reason because Houston

The Reason because Houston thinks it's getting value for him.

It's not happening. Your either getting EC'S or keeping McGrady.

I also saw you didn't like my 4 deals. If Houston wanted players back...those would be good deals

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the fact that mcgrady is in

the fact that mcgrady is in his last year is making alot of teams interested. but they dont wanna have to give up an important player because then they have all there eggs in the "im gonna get a top free agent this summer". and im not sure what kinda player the rockets want so i cant really think of a good trade. they have a bunch of pf. they are set at the sf and sg and have a good starting pg and back up pg. if im them i hold onto mcgrady for cap space and wait. there are alot of teams that want battier and at least one of there pf. and they are already playing well and without yao. they are in a very nice position

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