This Draft Could Have Some INCREDIBLE Wing Players

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This Draft Could Have Some INCREDIBLE Wing Players

Don't look now, but could 2010 actually be the year of the swingman instead of the bigman? Here's a list:

Evan Turner
Al-Farouq Aminu
Devin Ebanks
Xavier Henry
Wesley Johnson
Stanley Robinson
Damien James
Kyle Singler
Donatas Motiejunas

This is just SOME of the potential 1st rounders expected to come out this year. Robinson and Ebanks are currently making a case for a top 10 position for those who haven't been following them. And as I mentioned in a previous thread, Darington Hobson looks like a real sleeper. This position is absolutely stacked.

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no doubt

yea the position is def. a deep one in the draft this year.. the problem is that the league is already stacked with win players.. there are so many 6'6-6'8 players that are athletic.. I really believe singler will stay all 4 years at duke.. and could be a top 10-15 pick next year and also evan turner i really like.. He could even be a point at the next level if a team decides to go that way. He turns the ball over a little but so did tyreke in college. Aminu will go very high because of his versatility to play either the 3 or 4 because of his athleticism

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people actually said that

people actually said that about point guards last year. but as far as those wing players only 4 have have the potential in my opinion, to contibute right away. james still has to get accustomed to the position in the pros, ebanks and stanley are still to inconsistant, i dont see singler being much better then luke walton and dontas will probaly take time to adjust to the nba like most young euros do

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yes but i think that in

yes but i think that in every draft but usually only about 1/3 of those guys contribute in the nba and much less than that are major players.

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