Darington Hobson. Remember the Name

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Darington Hobson. Remember the Name

This dude is a bonafide NBA talent playing under the radar for top 20 New Mexico. He's at least 6'7" with an NBA ready body. Can shoot, pass and has good defensive potential. When I saw him he looked like a top 5 swingman for the 2010 draft class after Johnson, Henry, Aminu, and Ebanks (and maybe Turner if you think he'll be a SG/SF swingman and not a part time point).

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Green Latern

Are we talking he is a lot like former New Mexico stud Danny Granger???? If he is, I would definitely take this guy if I were a GM. Hopefully he has great health b/c Granger has been unfortunate in that category. I am definitely going to keep an eye on this guy. He plays in a good conference, MWC, so I am not worried about his competition he will be facing. Thanks for bringing him up.

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