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Man...I really want Morrison to be traded and actually given a Chance! I don't think he can be a 1st Option, but c'mon!
"The problem with Adam Morrison was he came into the league with the assumption he would be the next "Larry Bird"; His problem is he has no confidence; he looks timid on the court, he plays stiff. If you watch his game in college and now, you would swear its two different people, he doesn't have that passion to his game. The biggest setback to his career was starting off on the &$#%#[email protected]!how that is the bobcats."
I just read that, but I never get to see him playing since I don't watch L.A Games...Heck he already hardly plays and if he plays like this when he does...then Man...
I miss Morrison & I know I bring him up alot and defend him or whatever, but I seriously think that injury ruined him. That second season could've been crucial to his career. We could have seen some "Flashes" that year or some Consistency if he had any...His first year he really started to drop off which was probably the Rookie Wall and teams looking at film over him. Plus the Bobcats were bad that year. This dude is a Shooter, much improved and he scored a majority of his points in College coming off screens and driving on smaller players.

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he was good in college

he was good in college because he was taller than about everyone and would just shot right over them with very little trouble, in the nba he is shorter and slower than everyone and he never had the quickest release so he finds himself in this current pickle if you will.

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i have nothing against

i have nothing against morrison but plain and simple he is not an nba player and i doubt he will become one any time soon. He will get another chance from somewhere but he brings NOTHING other then the ability to hit open jumpers. The biggest difference between now and college is his confidence. In college he was never blowing by guys but he would force the issue and take a lot of tough shots because he had that freedom. Now that freedom is gone and so is his game.

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Loved his game in college,

Loved his game in college, thought he'd be a decent sixth man/role player at the least. Sit Sasha on the damn bench every once in awhile and let Morrison play. Sasha has been nothing short of a disaster this year.

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because he was taller then

because he was taller then everyone?..ok i know he hasnt done much in the nba but come on with the he scored because he was taller then everyone in college. thats just silly and a slap in the face to his ability. as far as him being a nba player. he showed as a rookie that hes a nba player so thats just as silly. the man probably will never be a great or real good nba player but to say he cant even play in the leauge is just dumb because hes proven that h can. and to say all he can do is shoot. guess what the nba is full of guys who can only do one thing very well. it always baffles me how some people on here will go by how someone does in the summer leauge or because they are athletic and say they belong even though morrison did better int he summer leauge and his rookie averages are better then any of the other guys best seasons. hes finally healthy this year but hes not gonna get much time with the lakers.

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