Glaxo Holiday Invitational

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Glaxo Holiday Invitational

while in northcarolina i decided to take a look at this big hs tournament. i used to go alot when i was at my first college playing ball in nc and saw some pretty good players when they were young highschoolers. this time i got to watch a kid named cj leslie. hes a pretty good player with bounce and some nice pf/sf skills. hes a tad bit of a black hole but very talented. after watching a kid named reggie bullock i believe that unc could potentially have a hell of a back court. this kid is athletic can shoot the lights out and goes hard all game. he's a 6'7 legit shooting guard. i didnt stay to watch some of the other teams because they werent that interesting.

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Yeah i seen him play i live

Yeah i seen him play i live in north carolina im in high school i dont play ball no more i dont have the desire no more but i have seen him play twice i seen him play at this tournament in greensboro dude jumper was hitting the bottom of the net and he can jump to he just need some handles and im going to see him play again he's going against my cousin high school in january i know my cousin school is going to lose but dude can play i aint goin miss it

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