The Toronto Raptors future

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The Toronto Raptors future

There was a post on Bargnani so that made me think of the raps future
What do you think should happen?

I think Jose and Bosh need to be traded, build around Andrea and Demar.
Trade for a young, talented big man on a below average team like Kaman, Lee, Gasol, someone who can REBOUND. and lottery picks, draft a SF like Aminu, Ebanks, Vesely (Czech) and PF/C with potential like Sanders, Cousins, and Davis. And then a backup PG like Sherron Collins or Shved (Russia)
Then we have a bunch of young players that are set for the future with Jack, Derozan, Hedo, the big man ^ and Bargnani as the main guys, with the draft picks, Belinelli, Weems, Wright, Johnson, Evans all coming off the bench and were really set for the future.
Bosh is likely going to leave.

Now this may be a little unrealistic but I would really like my teams future if this happened.

What do you think should happen?

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THIS IS A RISK, but it is

THIS IS A RISK, but it is also an idea. How about the Raptors keep Bosh till the end of the season and let his contract expire. Do you think any other marquee free agent would come to Toronto (LeBron/D-Wade)? Or make a trade based around Chris Bosh for Chris Paul?

These are just ideas but let me know what you guys think!

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i think they should explore

i think they should explore trading bosh, he just doesn't strike me as a loyal guy and with toronto's unlucky history he will probably leave. if they could get chris paul as mentioned above that would be great but they really need to get younger and do a mini rebuild.

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