Petteri Koponen

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Petteri Koponen

he was drafted in the 07 draft and his rights are owned by portlland. does anybody know when he will make his nba debut?

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He's good too, he and

He's good too, he and Bayless tore up the summer leaguse one year.

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i don't think he will this season

I don't think he will this season.It's going to be hard for him to make his debut for the Blazers. I think his rights will be traded away as part of a future deal most likely.Because if they bring him over they will have a major logjam in the backcourt hadr enough to get Bayless on the court as is.

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Portland Pattern - Stockpike Draft Choices

Portland's GM Kevin Pritchard makes good draft day selections but he likes to stockpile prospects by letting them stay in Europe. Their number one draft choice last season was Victor Claver who's a high flyer and destined to become an outstanding player in the NBA. But just like Petteri Koponen, he's playing in Europe this season.

Portland also used another number one draft choice in 2006 on a forward named Joel Freeland [England] who currently plays in Europe. Based upon the little I read about him, I don't think he's an NBA prospect.

Getting back to 21 year old Petteri Koponen, if he was drafted by a different team, there's a high probability that he would be a 6 foot 4 inch NBA point guard today. He's reportedly an excellent player. However, Portland doesn't seem to be in any rush to bring over their number one draft choices. In addition, point guard is one position where they have a log jam, but who knows, maybe some other team will pick up his rights in a trade.

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if he doesn't get traded we

if he doesn't get traded we won't see him for a while, if portland has anything it's guards.

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he plays very good with

he plays very good with bayless I think he a do good in the league he tore vegas up really canorchestra and offense

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