Evan Turner or Wesley Johnson

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Evan Turner or Wesley Johnson

Who would you rather have?

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Give me Evan Turner, you

Give me Evan Turner, you know you're getting a Chief personality. Turner adds toughness, leadership, scoring, Lead Guard skills but won't be a reliable set-shooter off the ball - he might but he hasn't shown it. Though, I'm not sleeping on Wes Johnson, his shooting and creativity on offense is gorgeous. I wouldn't mind being his Point guard because you don't have to be an facilitator like Nash, instead D.Rose is more suitable. If you penetrate, Johnson can just catch and shoot, no need to probe in the painted area. Overall, neither is perfect, I haven't seen Turner be a great three-point shooter in regards to high volumes - though he's attempted three's in low numbers unlike Johnson. Then you have Johnson whom I've never seen put the ball on the floor - great shooter but never seen him do that skill.

Evan Turner: taller Brandon Roy

Wes Johnson: James Posey

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only upside and that he is junior makes some questions for top3 if we are comparing him to same type player(or even older) i don;t see who is better in college than Evan..and all in all just Mr.Freshman Phenom John Wall looks only player playing in the same level with Evan.

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wes johnson

johnson is dominating on a great team but turner is injured and plays on an ok team

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Can I be the wolves and get two lottery picks and draft both? A point forward in Turner and a 2 guard from the wing in Johnson?

Turner - All around game playing big and small. You don't see many guys like him going up for every single rebound, this is what makes me like him. Hard to match up, too big for the guards and too quick for the bigs standing at 6'7.

Johson - Doesn't dribble much because he understand the game and his role. Play's like Melo, you don't see him dribbling the ball more than 7 times because it's catch and shoot, 1 dribble pull up, or straight to the rim.


Turner : reminds me of a guy name Scotty Pippin. Tall forward able to play the point.
Johson: similar to a guy called the Matrix. Camps at the 3 but don't fall asleep on him becuase he'll be in the air for a dunk from the weak side ally.

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If it were up to me, id take Wesley Johnson.

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I say Evan Turner. This guy

I say Evan Turner. This guy can play PG-SF. He is the total package. Welsey Johnson is more of a undersize combo forward.

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for the nba i would take

for the nba i would take Wesley because i've seen way to many great college players that couldn't shoot and suck in the nba.
for college i take Turner hands down.

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i compare Wesley Johnson to

i compare Wesley Johnson to a more athletic Danny Granger

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In a sense, this is like

In a sense, this is like asking who's better between Brandon Roy and Danny Granger....That's who I compare both of them too. I'd take Roy or Granger, and I'd take Turner over Johnson. I think Johnson will be a potentially elite scorer, but (similar to the Lebron and Kevin Durant debate) I think Turner will have more value as he'll be more versatile in terms of which positions he can play, the different things he can do on the court, and he'll have more intangibles needed to be a winning team. I also think Turner is more NBA-ready than any other projected 2010 prospect, and I think Turner will be Rookie of the Year.

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