The Book of Basketball

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The Book of Basketball

You people have to read this book. For any basketball fan, I suggest that you go and pay the 12 bucks to get the book.

If gives you a different view on the game of basketball trust me

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I heard it's like 7000000000

I heard it's like 7000000000 pages long.......and I hate reading......

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My mom got it for me when it

My mom got it for me when it 1st came out and it was $30. but i have got to say it was definitely worth it. hes pretty biased when it comes to the celtics but its easily to get by all that. its well organized and you can tell he did plenty of research makin this book. its definitely a good read for an avid basketball fan and an occasional one

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ill consider reading

ill consider reading it...except i feel like i get enough bill simmons on

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I got it for Christmas. I'm

I got it for Christmas. I'm currently reading it. Simmons has a unique way of thinking about the game. Interesting read.

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