McGrady leaves team; Rockets agree to seek trade

"Tracy McGrady and the Houston Rockets have reached a mutual decision that allows him to leave the team while two sides try to facilitate a trade, likely ending the former All-Star guard’s tenure with the franchise, an NBA source said Monday.

McGrady and his representatives met with team officials earlier in the day after Rockets coach Rick Adelman made it clear last week he had no plans to increase the guard’s minutes. McGrady then returned to Houston with Adelman’s blessing before the Rockets’ games in New Jersey and Cleveland.

McGrady had averaged just under eight minutes in six appearances after missing the first 23 games of the season while recovering from microfracture knee surgery. He is expected to return to Chicago and work out with trainer Tim Grover."

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Wheres might he be headed

Wheres might he be headed to?

What team could use him the most?

Are the Rockets making a mistake by not playing him?

And is McGrady washed up? Can he still be a top scorer in this league?

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I heard something about him

I heard something about him going for Kevin Martin for the Sacremento Kings, but the kings staff wanted to see how Kevin Martin & Tyreke would play together after Kevin Martins come back to the court. I also heard something about shipping McGrady for Beno Udrih, Kenny Thomas, and Andres Nocioni. All Ive heard so far.
EDIT: Oh yeah, thats where I heard it from, the article you posted. :p

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I say the magic try to get

I say the magic try to get this guy any way possible. He just makes so much money and nobody wants to give too much for the guy its hard to get a good deal done

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LOL. The Magic? Why...? Why

LOL. The Magic? Why...? Why would they bring the dude back who wanted them to trade the Number 1 Pick for some help...also known as Dwight "Superman" Howard. Yesterday I read someone say go to the Lakers? WHY?!?! C'mon...Make some sense at least. I hear Knicks & Chi-Town are the only ones interested...If they Knicks want him then Danillo must be included in...Doubt it'll happen though so no deal with them. Houston doesn't want Freaking Eddy Curry, we can wait 50 more games without our big man Yao. I hate how New York thinks they can do whatever. As for Chi-Town, we would've tooken Hinrich, but now with Brooks & Lowry playing so well I doubt they'd pull the trigger. Maybe Tyrus Thomas & his rookie contract and...Brad Miller? He's in Del Negro's Doghouse. I don't want no Deng...& no one else really helps us. Noah and Rose are like untouchables. As for the Kings...Why would we trade for another Great Scorer who's Injury Prone!? Jeez...

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I think it would be pretty

I think it would be pretty cool to have VC and TMAC on the same team again, along with howard but it probably won't happen.

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id love

id love seeing the two cuzins playing together again just like the old times but knicks will never trade danillo mabe a trade with wilson chandler. shane battier can teach him how to use his athleticism and become a great defender? add jarred jeffries in that to lol

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I wish my NETS could grab him, they have expiring contracts but it doesnt make sense for the rockets to trade for expiring contracts when they have his.
My dream next year Nets line up

pg . J- WAll ( not impossible)
sg- D harris
sf- T mac
pf- david lee
c - lopez

off bench
Courtney lee
T- WIll

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