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if you could make a team, that would be under the salary cap(about 57 million) of 15 players in the NBA using there contracts right now, who would they be.
My Team:
PG- Rondo(2.09), Flynn(2.97), W.Bynum(.83)
SG- Roy(3.91), JR Smith(6.17), CDR(.74)
SF- Durant(4.80), Ariza(5.85), Jerebko(.48)
PF- Bosh(15.78), Bass(4.00), Gibson(1.04)
C- Lopez(2.26), M.Gasol(3.33), Speights(1.66)
total= 55.91 million

no player has a really big ego, and the backups will be okay being backups. Set with some young talent at every position. Some instant offense guys Bynum and Smith. Lock down defender in Ariza. Hustle players in Jerebko and Bass. All players are good team players.

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kinda like cheating in your

kinda like cheating in your starting lineup right now. in two years Rondo, Roy, Durant, and Lopez are all gonna have 1's infront of their salaries. just saying 4 of your 5 backups make more than the starters which doesnt usually happen in the NBA bud.

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Add 30 teams and how would

Add 30 teams and how would you know if they would choose your team.......these hypothetical questions will never be realistic and are useless.

But i do give you effort for getting their salaries and im pretty sure that wouldn't work because gasol being back up center will cause controversy.

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no egos?

whats ganna happen when JR is not ganna get his 15ppg(sorry dont know how much he averages just a guess) or dourant or roy not being star of team?and will rondo really want to be in the shodows of his teammates his whole career?

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