Who would never leave their current team due to free agency?

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Who would never leave their current team due to free agency?

In my opinion these are the players i think that would never leave there current teams due to free agency or will never get traded. (And possibly retire there as well) Comment, agree, disagree, or add more...

Big Z-Cavs (might get traded but regardless he is loyal to them and sign back 4 minimum, he was there when they were hella bad for crying out loud)
Deron Williams-Jazz

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Almost left Boston before KG and Ray came...

and I think it's too early to tell with Rose considering he's still on his rookie contract...

but agree with the rest...

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First off all the players u mentioned dwilks101586 were drafted to their respected teams

Kobe-Lakers AGREED he's won 4 championships there he's not going anywhere and he gonna get 30mil a year
Dirk-Mavericks AGREED Cuban believed in him when no one else did when Dirk got drafted
Duncan-Spurs AGREED same reason as Kobe but he's not gonna demand money like that neither
Pierce-Celtics AGREED If you hear him interview talking about the Celtics being apart of Celtic History is important to him
Roy-Blazers AGREED My eyes he is overated but it is all about him and portland, he has reserected the franchise
Yao-Rockets AGREED Taken #1 Great Centers happen every once in a while
Howard-Magic AGREED Same reason as Yao
Rose-Bulls AGREED They didn't get him #1 for nothing and he's from Chi-Town
Melo-Nuggets AGREED he's not like the others in his draft class threatening to leave indirectly through the media (wade,bosh, lebron, darko[lol]) and he extended to the nuggets for a long time
Big Z-Cavs AGREED He was there when they sucked they can at least let him retire a Cav and not trade him. If they did he would got bought out and sign back to cavs for the minimum
Nash-Suns AGREED That 2-year extension sealed the deal he is retiring a Sun
Deron Williams-Jazz He wouldn't be on the level he is without Stockton's mentoring and 1-on-1 teachings

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Is Roy overrated?

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Kobe-Lakers - Agreed, he'll

Kobe-Lakers - Agreed, he'll retire & they'll contend until then
Dirk-Mavericks - Agreed, Mark Cuban won't let him leave
Duncan-Spurs - Agreed, The end is near & I think the Spurs will stay loyal to him, he already took less money
Pierce-Celtics - Eh...I guess, but I think he could get traded later on...
Roy-Blazers - Agreed, just seems like a Perfect fit, he brought them back
Yao-Rockets - Agreed, he LOVES Houston & we LOVE Him
Howard-Magic - Not so sure about this one...He could bolt, but they'll do whatever to keep him
Rose-Bulls - It's so early in his career, but I think so
Melo-Nuggets - That early extension kind of made this a Fact
Big Z-Cavs (might get traded but regardless he is loyal to them and sign back 4 minimum, he was there when they were hella bad for crying out loud) - I hope he isn't traded
Nash-Suns - Same reason as Duncan
Deron Williams-Jazz - I hope so, he's the BEST PG

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Durant- Thunder

Durant- Thunder

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Big Z is retiring at the end of this season I thought.

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I dont think Melo is as sure

I dont think Melo is as sure a thing as some of you guys. He has butted heads with Karl in the past and could be tempted in 2011.

Too early on Rose even with his Chicago connection.

Howard isnt a sure thing either. The Magic wont want to lose him but we'll see what the magic look like when he's a free agent.

D-Will is a long shot too but still possible.

I think the rest of the guys are locked down except maybe big Z.

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what about

what about pau gasol, i dont see him leaving...i think jason kidd retires before he changes teams...i think shaq retires as a Cav, i think grant hill retires with the suns, i think rip hamilton sticks in detroit until he's done, i think chauncey retires as a nugget, i think udonis haslem retires in miami

obviously theres no way for me to back any of this up but its just brainstorming

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