Derrick Rose

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Derrick Rose

I've seen people on here questioning the league for hyping him up as a star....almost like they're trying to create a "Derrick Rose, basketball star" in the sense that if we call him a superstar long enough....people will start to believe it. Myself I believe he is somewhat over-hyped early, but I do see the flashes and signs that he is progressing and will eventually catch up to the standard they've set for him. He got off to a slow start this year but if you look at his numbers of late he's gaining momentum....and has had some nice games. He's got the size and atheleticism of D-Wade when you watch him you see that he's very good, but he leaves you wanting can see that he could be GREAT....only if he wants it bad enough. All the tools are there.

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Thats very true, he is the

Thats very true, he is the most athetic PG in the NBA, but his jumper needs much work.

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